Museum said to be put in at Keuka Lake State Park

The Finger Lakes board of trustees and the Finger Lakes State Parks have signed the letter of intent to move on with the next step of erecting this Museum. The museum is to be located in the Keuka Lake State park right on the Waters of keuka lake, This location was chosen over multiple different areas in the Finger Lakes. The first step in to raise money so that the community is able to fund for such construction. The Museum will be a $50 million dollar project therefor a fund raising campaign has been braught together to try to earn as much money as possible for this new historic site. The campiagn has some sponsors such as Finger Lakes economic developement center, Finger Lakes visitors association, Keuka college, Town of Jeruselem, and Yates County. The historic preservation of towns in the near by area will also be taken into conciteration for this project. Adamski said, ” The Branchport elementary school, which is vacant, has been purchased by the Finger Lakes Visitors association for use as the museums base of opperation during the projects start up phases. The building will provide 15,000 square feet of business offices and initial programming as well as storage for the aquisition of artifiacts and collections.” This is great because the community is using a vacant building for this project that most likely would have been over looked, this a good way to save the community some money. Keuka college president Joseph Burke said “This is a great way to educate students about the history of the area where they are now students.” In my opinion this will be a great addition to the area due to the fact that there is nothing around here quite like this. The museum will be packed full of history and artifacts that will generate curiosity of local folks and people in near by cities. I beleive people will flock to the opportunity of learning more about the Finger Lakes and their long history.


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